Monday, June 14, 2010

Softball Department (brought to you by guest sportscaster, Becky Tuch)

Word-Slingers 11, ConSultans of Swat, 8
ANDOVER-- On Sunday, Grub Street Word-Slingers went head to head against The ConSultans of Swat. Grub Street started fierce, with power hits and aggressive base running that instantly put the ConSultans on guard. Through the first few innings, Grub Street's hits remained strong and they worked their way through the short line-up, rounding base after base. On defense, their smaller-than-usual team (nine instead of the usual ten players) did not prevent them from catching pop-ups, calling flies, and staying tight and organized...Until players got tired. And the captain made a sloppy error at second. And one thing. Then another. And soon the ConSultans had caught up, closing in on Grub Street's lead...But losing? That is so 2008! The Word Slingers managed to rally their defensive mojo and in the end held their opponents at just a few runs below them. The game was won. The Word-Slingers, at last, exhaled.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Softball Department (brought to you by guest sportscaster, Clarence Lai)

Necessary Roughness 11, Grub Street WordSlingers 2.

After winning two of two games thus far, the Grub Street WordSlingers were vanquished this Sunday by Necessary Roughness, ending hopes of a perfect season. Playing without a full squad, the Slingers fell behind early and were unable to claw back, despite clawing extremely hard. The hits and walks simply did not materalize for the Slingers. A sudden passing tornado threatened to literally blow the team away, suspending play for ten minutes. But fear not, true fans! The team has vowed to rise from defeat to sling words, strikeouts, and home runs as in their days of not-forgotten greatness.