Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What Your Friends Are Reading

Stalking people is fun, but stalking their books is better. Since I learned of GoodReads at, I've felt an obsession coming like a bad rash. And here: I'm passing it to you!

The site lets you list and track your favorite books and those of your friends, instructors, and attractive strangers. You can rate books and write blurbs, and click on someone's profile to see what they love and how to get your hands on it. Find Steinbeck fans in Somerville or Marquez fans in Mattapan. You can even label books as "currently reading" or "to-read," which should help clowns like me, whose "to-read" list is long and embarrassing.

Who's that stud who loves Anagrams? Who'd take a bullet for Revolutionary Road? It's the literary way to fall in love.

~Sonya Larson

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Crystallyn said...

So far it seems somewhat similar to but with a more social aspect. One nice thing is that it will import files so if you are an LT user, you can modify columns in the export file and then upload to Good Reads. Thanks for the tip!