Monday, June 18, 2007

Grub Street Rag, 6/18/07

Welcome to the Grub Street Rag, a newsletter of the Boston literary scene sent out every Monday from a picnic blanket in the Public Garden, near the world headquarters of Grub Street. As always, if you are receiving this e-mail in horror, please advance to
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Department of Congratulations

It's only fitting that we use our email newsletter to trumpet our enthusiastic congratulations for Grubbie David Scott, who published his third book this year. Called The New Rules of Marketing & PR, it's the #1 PR book on right now, and in the top 1000 books overall! David got his start as a novelist in a Grub Street workshop with Jenna Blum, and we've been proud to watch his growing success over the years. To read more about his book, check out Hurrah also to Grub supporter Hank Phillippi Ryan, whose first novel Prime Time was published last week. She has some great readings scheduled in the next weeks, including one at Porter Square Books tomorrow. We're also hoping to see you all at Redbones to celebrate the publication of Grub-Master-Fiction-er Stephanie Gayle's My Summer Of Southern Discomfort. All details below.

A writing whirlwind this week at Grub

We've got a LOT going on this week and next: seminars tonight (sold out, unfortunately for all you procrastinators out there), a film tomorrow night, weekend workshops, the Spring Season showcase next week, and much more. Though we wish we could talk about all of it, we'd like to put in special plugs for two fantastic events: the Boston premiere of the Out of the Book film series featuring Ian McEwan, and stellar Grub instructor Jamie Cat Callan's "Writers' Toolbox" workshop this weekend. Details for both are below, and these are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities here at Grub.

Softball Department (brought to you by guest sportscaster, Jen LaVin)

Grub Street Word-Slingers 5 Big Blue Moxie 8

NEWTON – Despite a full contingent, a handful of fans, and nice, if muggy, weather, The Word-Slingers just couldn’t bring forth enough of their own moxie to beat Big Blue Moxie at Forte Park in Newton this Father’s Day Sunday. In the end, it was Big Blue Moxie 8, Word-Slingers, 5.

But the team gave their all, with Captain Becky Tuch taking one on the shin, shortstop Jon Papernick taking in one in the chest, Ethan Gilsdorf straining his quad in the first inning, and Anna Goldsmith sidelined with a nasty case of carpel tunnel.

With most of Moxie’s runs coming from balls hit further than anyone thought a softball could be hit, The Word-Slingers put up a good defense Sunday. In his Word-Slingers debut, Matt Baker snagged some tough balls at second base and veteran Tom Meek filled in admirably as pitcher, also going 3 for 3 at bat.

But with the outstanding fielding skills of Moxie preventing the Word-Slingers from converting their many well hit balls into runs (including Diana Beaudoin’s first hit!), it was determined some batting practice is in order. So with batting cages booked, a positive attitude, and time to heal wounds and bruises, it will definitely be the battle of the media this Sunday, when The Word-Slingers take on word-slingers of the different kind, the Channel 4 News Team, at P&G field in Andover at 11 am.


Whitney, Chris, Paige and Sonya

Welcome to the end of the e-mail, where, like a kangaroo wearing a fanny pack, we offer you the chance to win a prize. In Ian McEwan's astoundingly good novella, On Chesil Beach, what is the name of Florence's quartet? Email your answer to Whitney. Winner receives a gift certificate for ice cream at J.P. Licks.

Answer to last week's quiz: In Marisha Pessl's Special Topics in Calamity Physics, the narrator, Blue Van Meer, calls the two gossips Dee and Dum. Winner: Stephanie Erber.

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