Friday, June 29, 2007

What You'll Never Write

Today's blog is from guest contributor Bob LaVallee, writer and long-time Grubbie, who's been keeping a list of in-class writing exercises "that will never be used." You'll soon seen why. Add your own to Bob's list, or if you really want trouble, post your responses.

Thanks, Bob!

Unused Writing Exercises

1.) Put your thinking cap on and list forty synonyms for "potato."

2.) Picture your instructor. Now describe how you would make hot monkey love to him or her.

3.) Pretty little bunnies: Why do they scare you so much?

4.) 47 down.

5.) Describe why you are a better writer than the other people in your class, especially Julie.

6.) Pick any two words from the list below and write a novel based on those words.


7.) In 100 words or less, write something really good for a change, ok?

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