Saturday, August 4, 2007

Grub Turns Ten

We got some great photos from a generous freelance Globe photographer who covered our party. Check them all out at Flickr!

We were really happy to see so many friends and fellow Grubbies at our "Grub Turns Ten" birthday bash on July 27th. If you weren't there, here's a small sampling of what you missed out on: perfectly replicated grub logos painted on people's faces, stellar readings from Hacks, 10 pounds of pulled pork and a variety of other scrumptious barbecue, 2 really heavy birthday cakes (see the rest of the Flickr photos for a visual), a fill-in-your-own-Grub-history 23-foot timeline, a smorgasbord of beer including the oh-so-quaffable NattyLight, 10-minute tarot readings, 8 kinds of wine donated by Newport Vineyards, temperatures in the high 80s that kept most of the partying indoors, indoor temperatures that weren't far from the high 80s by the end of the night, overly-loud music from 1997, over 200 guests, many adorable Grub babies, and an all-around amazing time!

And we're already planning Grub's Sweet Sixteen...

In dread,
Whitney Scharer


Daniel said...

what great party! thanks guys

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