Friday, August 10, 2007

Meta-Meta Blogging


Chris Castellani,
No meta-blogging,
Blogging about blogging is a pet-peeve,
Of mine,
I disregard his wisdom,
The reckless intern,
I blog on,
Blogging not about blogging,
But blogging about blogging about blogging,
Meta-Meta Blogging.

Into the slipstream of cyber-garble,
Honking like a flock of Canada Geese,
On their way,
To Mexico,
For vacation,
I blog on,
And on,
Blogging like,
An injured raccoon,
To the break of dawn.

And when,
The flock descends,
On the sandy beach,
To order Anejo Tequila or,
Banana Daiquiris,
From Manuel,
The man known to friends,
As “El Guapo Pescador,”
He says “No, you only get cerveza … Canadiens.”

And the geese sigh,
“Oh Canada,
Oh blogging,
Oh hell,
We are Canada Geese,
Not Canadiens,
Those guys play hockey.”

“Serve us dear Manuel,
As we deserve after,
Our long journey,”
And Manuel laughs,
And pours Anejo,
And puts the bananas,
In the Blender,
And warns,

“No blogging about blogging exhausted Canadian Sirs,
Drink your drinks and fly home,
To the land of ice and snow.”

Advice received,
Chris Castellani,
A wise man,
And consummate,
Visionary leader,
And friend.

Note: This is the author's first attempt at poetry since his 8th grade epic haiku, "Mental Hospital," which sparked a teacher /parent conference in which he was proclaimed "intellectually dull." The author has not taken "Forms of Poetry" or received any instruction in poetry at Grub Street ever ... obviously.

All apologies,
Jonathan Sisler


Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Hilarious blog aside..I am now obsessed with reading (well, okay, let's say eager to read) that controversial haiku!
Do you still have it?

Christopher said...

I think now everyone sees why meta-blogging is my pet peeve. Thank you, Jonathan, for illustrating it so effectively.

Jonathan said...

Sorry Hank,

The karmic implications of re-releasing those 17 subversive syllables into the world are too much to bear.

Glad you appreciated the humor.